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March 2016 Archives

Separate or joint tax returns during divorce

Massachusetts couples who are considering divorce might wonder whether they should file taxes jointly or separately. There are pros and cons for each choice. They need to know, however, that their filing status is determined at the end of the taxable year, so even if they have filed for divorce, they are still considered married if the decree hasn't been entered by Dec. 31.

Custody battle in surrogate case

Massachusetts residents might have heard about a case in which a couple who hired a surrogate are now trying to get custody of the child she bore. The surrogate signed a contract and became pregnant with a child from her egg and the husband's sperm.

Misleading articles ablut celebrity divorces

Massachusetts residents sometimes glance at lurid tabloid headlines as they wait in line at supermarkets and convenience stores, and savvy publishers know that stories about divorcing celebrities can be particularly popular. The writers of these stories often call upon family law experts or the actual attorneys involved to provide perspective and help their readers to understand the legal strategies being pursued, but these articles may still be misleading or contain mistakes.

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