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April 2016 Archives

Staying together or seeking a divorce

Many myths about the divorce rate make Massachusetts couples who are having problems feel like it is easier to give up as so many unions seemingly fail. One may want to instead look at the specific reasons that the marriage is failing, as sometimes things can be worked out.

Summer vacation plans and divorced parents

In the spring, divorced parents in Massachusetts should start thinking ahead to their summer plans. There may be a number of changes in children's schedules with more and different activities in comparison to the regular school year. Writing specific summer vacation plans into the parenting plan can help prevent conflict.

Custodial parents often call the shots

After a divorce, a non-custodial parent in Massachusetts can face some serious challenges related to participating in the parenting process. While joint legal custody is commonly awarded, the party who has primary physical custody may use that position to limit the ex-spouse's access to the children. Even when the law and the parenting agreement provide for both parties to participate equally in making important decisions, the non-custodial parent can have trouble in learning about certain activities involving their children.

Prenuptial agreements to protect business owners

People in Massachusetts who are getting married may not want to think about the possibility of divorce, but for business owners, it may be a wise choice. The difficulty of a divorce can be exacerbated by the financial issues that arise for business owners. A prenuptial agreement is one way that a business owner may steer clear of those complications.

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