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June 2016 Archives

Financial planning and preparing for divorce

Married couples in Massachusetts are not always on the same page when it comes to financial planning. Often, one spouse will handle the finances while the other spouse remains in the dark about the value of marital assets. When couples like this go through a divorce, the spouse with less financial awareness is often at a disadvantage during property division negotiations.

When prenups are unfair to one party

Massachusetts couples who plan on getting married might also want to consider a prenuptial agreement. This can be a valuable document that helps to protect the individual who comes into the marriage with more money and assets than the other one. However, it is important that the person with fewer assets and less money has some protection as well.

Divorce mediation assessment promotes co-parenting

The ending of a marriage between two parents often leaves them at odds over how to interact for the benefit of their children. Parents in Massachusetts often have difficulty keeping this focus at the forefront during divorce litigation. In cases where a failed relationship is the reason for the divorce, instead of allegations of child abuse or neglect, parents and children will benefit from honest assessment of failures as a prelude to the mediation process.

Differing state laws can influence divorce outcomes

While most states distinguish between marital and separate assets during a divorce, Massachusetts is one of the few states that generally does not make this distinction. This is just one of many state-specific issues to consider when faced with the end of a marriage. There is not a national standard for matters such as alimony, timing or property division, which means that peoplemust be aware of the rules and implications in their state as they consider filing for divorce.

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