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Helping children adjust to divorce

For Massachusetts parents who are ending their marriage, guiding their children through the divorce process may be difficult. However, there are steps they can take to help their children better adjust to the situation.

Medical coverage and child support

Massachusetts parents who have been ordered to make child support payments are usually expected to provide health care coverage for their children as well. A judge may order the paying parent to include the child on a group plan that is available through the parent's employer. If the parent can get health care coverage another way, a judge may order the parent to add thechild to that plan.

How to approach property division in divorce

One of the first things a Massachusetts resident may hear from a spouse who wants a divorce is that they also want what may seem to be an unreasonable share of the marital assets. This happened to one man whose wife of 21 years wanted to use the joint savings account to buy a house for herself. She said that she would assist her husband in continuing to pay down the mortgage on their existing home for its remaining nine years and would pay half of their son's college expenses for his remaining two years.

Advantages of flexible schedules for divorced parents

For Massachusetts parents who are getting a divorce, it will also be necessary to work out a plan around child custody and visitation. If possible, parents might be happier with a plan that they negotiate together and make flexible as opposed to a rigid one that is handed down by a judge.

Unemployment among men may lead to divorce

Massachusetts couples who are considering divorce may be more likely to do so if the man is unemployed. A study conducted by a professor at Harvard examined more than 6,000 couples and found that while a number of other expected factors did not affect divorce rates, men who were not the traditional breadwinners in a marriage may be more likely to see their marriage end.

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