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Making preparations for a divorce

People in Massachusetts who are considering divorce might want to consider when they begin the separation process. January, March and September tend to be months when divorce filings go up because they occur just after holidays or vacations when individuals may have made final attempts at reconciliation. However, filing for divorce in these circumstances often means that the decision is an emotional one. A better approach might be to file for divorce after some initial preparation.

The first step is to get financial paperwork together. Individuals might want to store such documents somewhere safe such as with a friend or in a safety deposit box. Next, individuals should set up their own bank accounts and work toward establishing their own credit. If possible, an individual should save up some money to help pay for the divorce.

While establishing credit and saving up money, an individual can still schedule consultations with divorce attorneys and begin interviewing them. They should choose an attorney who they believe is trustworthy and experienced. The individual might also want to consider hiring a financial planner.

Setting aside emotions is important not just in the initial filing but throughout the divorce process. A person may have to make a number of decisions dealing with their long-term financial security and the well-being of their children. This means that a person might have to set aside guilty feelings about initiating a divorce and insist on a fair settlement. A lawyer may be able to provide guidance throughout the separation process.

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