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After the holidays, couples think about divorce

When making New Year's resolutions, some Massachusetts residents plan for big changes. Many changes involve family law matters, as a large increase in divorce filings typically occurs after the winter holidays. The president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports a 25 to 30 percent rise every January.

Some couples might hit their breaking points when everyone is gathered together for the holidays as partners have to spend more time in close quarters while possibly pretending that everything is fine in order to not disrupt family celebrations. Though tensions can mount during the holidays, one should not be too hasty when the new year comes. Deciding to separate or divorce should be considered carefully, and people should avoid making a decision like this when angry.

If a spouse is considering a divorce, then waiting until after the holidays are over could be the best option if a child or children are involved. This prevents children from associating a holiday with the divorce, which could hinder their enjoyment of the holiday in the future. When dissolving a marriage, one should always strive to keep the children out of any drama. This means parents should not tell kids about a divorce until they are certain it is happening, and both parents should avoid insulting the other in front of the children.

While hurt feelings are common during a divorce, both parties might want to try to keep emotions out of the process. Couples who can work together and compromise to reach a settlement arrangement often save time and money. If a couple cannot reach an agreement between themselves, then litigation becomes necessary. However, this may result in a bitter, lengthy and expensive trial that could produce rulings that neither party is happy with, and thus attorneys might suggest medication as a viable alternative.

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