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February 2017 Archives

Delinquent child support and father involvement

There are millions of fathers in Massachusetts and the rest of the country who do not reside in the same household as their children. The findings of a new study show that individuals who owe child support tend to have children with multiple partners, see their kids less often and work fewer weeks in the year.

Admitting legal paternity

For children who are born outside of marriage, men in Massachusetts and the rest of the nation are more willing to admit to fatherhood if the mother is educated, wealthy and in good health. According to a researcher from the University of Oklahoma, it also helps if the baby is male.

How a trust might be designated shared marital property

An individual in Massachusetts who is getting a divorce might wonder what their spouse's rights are regarding an inheritance. In general, a person's inheritance is considered separate property if they keep it separate from joint accounts. However, a third party trust might be considered marital property.

Obama's child support rule allowed to stand

While incarcerated parents in Massachusetts jails or prisons are able to ask for a modification in child support based on a change in circumstances, this is not the case for parents in some other states. On Jan. 19, Barack Obama signed a rule requiring states to allow parents to ask for this modification. So far, the Trump administration has allowed the rule to stand although it is not known whether this will last. The rule was opposed in a bill introduced by House Speaker Paul Ryan, but the bill did not make it out of committee.

Basic housing options in a divorce

Divorcing couples who are hoping to avoid making any costly mistakes during the process may want to know more about the housing options that may be available to them. When their principal residence is in Massachusetts, it could prove beneficial to consider the financial ramifications that are involved in the disposition of the house before arriving at any final decision.

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