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Putting children first in divorces

Divorces are difficult for most people in Massachusetts who go through them, including children. When parents decide to divorce, it is important that they keep their children's needs and emotional well-being at the forefront so that they may be better able to adjust.

One of the first considerations for parents who have decided to divorce is when to file their petitions. While filing during the school year might make it more convenient to meet attorneys and handle other associated tasks, waiting until school lets out might allow the children more time to emotionally adjust to the changes. No matter when the divorces are filed, parents should make a vested effort to get along with each other as amicably as possible.

The parents might want to figure out if they will be able to remain living in the same home during their divorces or if one should move. They should also agree to not fight in front of their children or involve them in the details of their divorces. It is important for parents to not speak poorly about one another to their children, and they should encourage the children to enjoy their visits with the other parent. Finally, parents might want to consider a collaborative divorce process as an alternative to bitterly litigating their issues in court.

Divorces may involve many emotional issues as people come to terms with the end of their marriages. By placing their children in the center of their considerations, parents may be able to have smoother divorces that are easier for everyone to handle. Family law attorneys may provide some guidance to their clients about potential ways to solve the outstanding divorce issues. They may also negotiate full child custody and visitation agreements for their clients outside of the court litigation process when it is possible.

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