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Do work injuries occur more often during summer months?

From the time of day to dangers that are associated with a particular industry, on the job injuries take place for many different reasons. In Leominster, and in other cities over all of Massachusetts, it is essential for those who work in all fields to recognize potential hazards that may be present and do what they can to stay safe. For example, the likelihood of an injury at work may be greater during certain times of the year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an increase in the number of work injuries can be seen during the summertime. The rate of worker injuries goes up in the summer and starts to go down in the fall, before significant declines are noticed during the months of November and December. Although more people are usually at work during the summer in comparison to the winter, the study took into account the seasonal nature of employment.

So, why do workplace injuries happen in the summer months more frequently? There are a variety of factors that contribute to work accidents, some of which may pose an even greater threat during the summer. For example, extreme heat and busy traffic could add additional stress for those in certain workplace environments, such as people who work in road construction zones, agricultural workers, construction workers and others. After a work injury arises, injured employees should immediately go over any options that are available to help them move on, such as holding negligent people responsible and pursuing workers’ comp.

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