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Does unpaid child support have tax consequences?

On this blog, we have gone over some of the ways that family law issues can affect taxes. For example, if you and your spouse divorce, your filing status may change, and you could be impacted in many other ways. In Leominster, and in other cities throughout the state of Massachusetts, there are other tax-related matters that may arise following a divorce. For example, if you are obligated to make child support payments and fall behind, you could face tax consequences.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service may withhold your tax refund if you have back child support. Additionally, your tax refund may be confiscated if you have spousal support payments that have been missed. If your tax refund is offset due to unpaid child support, you will be sent a notice from the BFS. Unfortunately, back child support can have serious consequences for everyone involved, from parents and children who need the financial support to purchase school supplies and cover other expenses to non-custodial parents who face penalties for not paying.

Falling behind on child support can be incredibly overwhelming and may happen for all sorts of reasons. For example, someone may be fired or struggling with a health condition that generates financial problems. For those who are experiencing these challenges, exploring any options, such as the modification of a child support order, is a wise decision. This information is being provided as general information and does not serve as any alternative to legal advice.

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