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Responsible ways to resolve holiday parenting time disputes

With the holiday weekend finally before us, there are so many family friendly things to experience. Some will take time to see “Despicable Me 3.” Others will plan outings to the beach, while others will enjoy the simplicity of just doing nothing and let the weekend decide what to do.

Indeed, holiday weekends are supposed to be fun, but for divorced (or separated) parents who have trouble co-parenting, the Independence Day holiday weekend could be a disaster waiting to happen.

If you foresee a dispute over holiday parenting time, this post will highlight a few positive steps you can take to avoid a fight. 

Consider what the kids want – Keep in mind that kids want to have fun above all else. So be wary that it really doesn’t matter if they do so with you or your ex. When you make things about their happiness, chances are that you will avoid battles over parenting time.

Compromise for the future – Given that the holiday is on a Tuesday this year, you actually have a four day weekend that can be divided. So Saturday and Sunday can be with one parent, and Monday and Tuesday can be with the other.  If work schedules prevent the weekend from being divided, temper the other parent’s expectations by allowing them the entire Labor Day weekend.

Take a deep breath – Even though the other parent may be petty and vindictive, consider this: being drawn into conflict could have negative implications if you give in to your taste for revenge. So remember the old adage about two wrongs before you take action.

If you have additional questions about resolving parenting time disputes, an experienced family law attorney can help. 

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