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November 2017 Archives

Are work injuries more common in December?

When it comes to the prevention of on the job accidents, there are a host of issues that workers and employers should keep in mind. From accident prevention and training programs to being mindful with particularly dangerous activities and identifying problem areas, preventing these mishaps is paramount. Moreover, it can be helpful to review additional factors that could increase the chances of an accident, such as the time of year. For example, you may be wondering if work injuries occur more often in December. In certain occupations, December and other winter months can be a particularly dangerous month.

Preventing repetitive stress injuries

Employees in Massachusetts who work in jobs in which the same task is performed over and over may notice recurring and/or continual pain, which is known as repetitive stress injury. While it is important employers take steps to prevent these types of injuries, workers should also be aware of the symptoms involved so they can make changes in their daily routines.

Why you should include an advance directive in your estate plan

No matter at what point you are in your life, planning for the future is necessary. If you are starting a family or your career is just taking off, it is time to think about what tomorrow will bring. Estate planning is something that you should start early and continuously update as things change. For example, you should update your will each time you have another child. Another part of estate planning that may be necessary is creating a health care proxy.

Preparing for divorce

Even in the most amicable of situations, divorce in Massachusetts is hard in a variety of ways. Not only are couples affected financially, but there are also social and mental consequences that accompany the process. Those who are prepared before filing will have a better outcome and recover quicker than those who stick their head in the sand.

West Brookfield car crash claims the lives of three teens

Teens may tend to hit the road for the first time in Leominster convinced that their driving skills are already on par with those of any other motorist. Sadly, this can often lead them to engage in potentially reckless behavior while on the road. It is only experience that will help them get to the point of fully comprehending the subtle nuances it requires to safely handle a vehicle at all times. Yet unfortunately, if their inexperience does allow them to drive recklessly, they might never get the chance to gain that experience. 

Child support modifications

Divorced parents in Massachusetts may encounter life changes during the course of taking care of their children. When this occurs, one or both sides may seek modifications to a current child support agreement depending on the specific circumstances.

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