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Are work injuries more common in December?

When it comes to the prevention of on the job accidents, there are a host of issues that workers and employers should keep in mind. From accident prevention and training programs to being mindful with particularly dangerous activities and identifying problem areas, preventing these mishaps is paramount. Moreover, it can be helpful to review additional factors that could increase the chances of an accident, such as the time of year. For example, you may be wondering if work injuries occur more often in December. In certain occupations, December and other winter months can be a particularly dangerous month.

Data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that fewer work-related injuries occur in December than any other month out of year, according to data taken from recent years. Having said that, it is important to point out that other factors could explain the fewer number of injuries during this time of year. For example, fewer people may be employed in certain outdoor occupations that can have an especially high injury rate. Moreover, fewer people may be working due to the seasonal nature of certain fields and many people take time away from work during the holidays.

During the winter months, those who work may face a number of threats, from ice and inclement weather to dangerous roads and other hazards. As a result, those who are employed over the winter, and all other times of year, should always watch out for potential hazards that could lead to an accident at work.

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