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Preparing for divorce

Even in the most amicable of situations, divorce in Massachusetts is hard in a variety of ways. Not only are couples affected financially, but there are also social and mental consequences that accompany the process. Those who are prepared before filing will have a better outcome and recover quicker than those who stick their head in the sand.

According to the Huffington Post, being aware of assets and the spouse's financial situation is important to prepare for the process. Getting appraisals for not only big assets such as the house and vehicles, but also for artwork, jewelry, stamp collections and other assets, will assist each party in getting their fair share when it comes to dividing up property. When tracking a spouse's income, it is a smart idea to look at loan and credit card applications, as income amounts are often reported more truthfully.

Spouses who depend on the other party for financial support should highly consider going back to school or seeking out employment before filing for divorce. Assuming that the court will order spousal support is risky and can backfire in some cases.

Psychology Today recommends being emotionally prepared as well. Recognize going through the process of divorce is difficult and it is okay to grieve. In fact, those who let themselves go through the grieving steps tend to get back on their feet faster. Having social support is also crucial. Isolation can seem like the easier way to deal with everything, but having someone to talk to and lean on through the tough times will help mentally and emotionally. 

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