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February 2018 Archives

How is Massachusetts law different regarding legal separation?

When considering separating from your partner, you may have to make the difficult decision of a legal separation versus a divorce. In Massachusetts, however, you may be facing different standards than the commonly accepted concepts of separation or divorce. So just how is Massachusetts different regarding legal separation?

What types of alimony can you receive in a Massachusetts divorce?

While undergoing a divorce is never pleasant, when you have to bring up the alimony discussion then divorce proceedings can turn downright ugly. When facing alimony proceedings in Massachusetts court, it can help to understand exactly how alimony works. This includes understanding what type of alimony you can receive. Did you know Massachusetts has four different types of alimony?

What happens to your house in a Massachusetts divorce?

There are many issues that come up when you start considering divorce. Many parents find themselves worrying about the impact of the separation on their children. It's also common to worry about how the courts will divide your assets. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement or have agreed with your spouse on terms for dividing your property, chances are that the court will make those decisions on your behalf.

What is contested vs. uncontested divorce?

If you are facing the unfortunate prospect of divorcing from your spouse, one daunting reality of divorce is negotiating the legalities of separating not just your relationship, but your assets, lives, and parenting responsibilities. Part of this involves filing appropriate papers and taking your case before Massachusetts courts, but did you know that before you do that you must first determine the type of divorce you will file for?

Is it possible to terminate a guardianship?

If you have been appointed a legal guardian or have taken on a guardianship of an incapacitated person, you may wish to end that guardianship due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control or a problem with the guardianship relationship. Is it possible to voluntarily terminate a guardianship under Massachusetts law, and if so, how?

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