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March 2018 Archives

How much alimony will I get in my divorce?

If your spouse was the primary source of income in your marriage, the idea of divorce may leave you facing a frightening unknown. This is particularly true for divorcing spouses who spent a good deal of time at home as caregiver, childcare provider or other domestic role that limits your employability due to lack of recent work history or current skills. When you are facing the prospect of becoming a self-sustaining entity, alimony can ease you into the process of creating a new, independent life for yourself while ensuring you receive fair support commensurate to the time and labor you put into the marriage. But how much alimony will a Massachusetts court award in your divorce?

Are parenting classes mandatory after divorce?

If you have been navigating the difficult waters of divorce, you and your spouse may feel swamped under the many requirements to achieve a divorce in Massachusetts. When you discover that in order to handle custody decisions and meet requirements for a custody hearing you must attend parenting classes, it may sound unbelievable. Is it true that divorcing spouses with children must take mandatory parenting classes?

3 common causes of construction worker injuries

You work on a Massachusetts construction site, and nobody has to tell you that you have a dangerous job. Although you and your co-workers follow safety protocol, sometimes, accidents happen. We at Antonioni & Antonioni Law Office have often provided assistance to construction workers who have suffered serious injuries on the job.

Divorce FAQ: 5 common questions

You get home from work one day, and the house is quiet. The kids are gone, presumably at a friend's house. Your spouse is waiting for you at the dining room table.

Why do you need financial statements in a divorce?

Before you face the struggle of a Massachusetts divorce, one of the most important things you need to do is prepare a financial statement. This may feel like an invasion, but is deeply necessary to the divorce process. So why do you need to completely break down your finances, and what is it used for in court?

How can I be liable if someone else's dog bit me?

No matter how cute someone's furry friend is, sometimes they lash out. That is how you can end up with an extremely painful dog bite, and the fear of potential disease. But wait - if the dog bit you, how are you suddenly in Massachusetts courts facing potential prosecution? How could you possibly be held liable for your own injury?

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