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3 common causes of construction worker injuries

You work on a Massachusetts construction site, and nobody has to tell you that you have a dangerous job. Although you and your co-workers follow safety protocol, sometimes, accidents happen. We at Antonioni & Antonioni Law Office have often provided assistance to construction workers who have suffered serious injuries on the job.

These three accident types are among the most common hazards you may face on the construction site, according to OSHA.

1. Falls

You are most likely to be killed from a fall on the jobsite than any other type of accident. Whether you slip and fall over the side of a roof, off scaffolding or a ladder, or through a hole in a floor or roof, your injuries are probably going to be severe. Harnesses, guardrails, lifts, floor hole covers and other safety systems can prevent most of these accidents.

2. Trench collapse

Trenches can be unstable, even when they are constructed properly, and a small cave-in or collapse could crush you quickly. Anything deeper than five feet should have a protective system in place that is appropriate for its depth and for the soil type. Shoring, sloping and shielding are three such safety methods. Heavy equipment should be kept well back from the edges of the trench, and after any kind of inclement weather, a competent person should inspect the trench for structural issues.

3. Electric shock

There are many ways you could accidentally come into contact with enough electricity to cause severe burns. Scaffolding, ladders and heavy equipment can all be conduits that transfer electricity from a power line to your body. You are also in danger from power tools and other equipment with electrical cords. Hard hats, protective eyewear and insulated gloves can protect against some of the risk, but everyone on the jobsite needs to participate in locating power lines, inspecting cords and keeping power shut off whenever anyone is working on energized electrical circuits.

For information about compensation that injured construction workers may be eligible to receive after an accident, please visit our webpage.

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