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April 2018 Archives

How long do I have to notify about a slip and fall injury?

If you slip and fall on a snowy, icy sidewalk or other walkway maintained by either the Massachusetts municipality responsible for maintaining it or the property owner responsible for premises liability, you may suffer mild or serious personal injury. However, in order to pursue a claim against the municipality or person responsible for premises liability, is there a statute of limitations as far as how long you can wait to submit your claim?

What if my former spouse threatens me for moving out?

When you choose to divorce from your partner in a high-conflict situation, you and/or your children may vacate the premises immediately for the sake of your own safety while the divorce is processed in Massachusetts courts. Yet you still need to return to the home to pack your and your children's possessions to complete the process of moving out. If your former spouse is hostile to you or endangers you or your children, do you have options for support from the courts?

Is adultery illegal in Massachusetts?

There are few betrayals more shattering than infidelity. If your spouse is guilty of adultery, you may wish to initiate divorce proceedings in Massachusetts courts quickly and without a moment's doubt. You may also wish to pursue damages for emotional harm or other losses caused by the breach of the marital contract, but how far can you pursue these claims when adultery may be immoral, but not exactly illegal?

Estate planning documents that can keep the family from fighting

Just like planning for retirement is necessary, so is planning for your death or incapacitation. This is where estate planning comes in. While you might think that only the very rich need an estate plan, in realty, people from all walks of life, young or old, need an estate plan.

Can I deny my former partner parental visitation rights?

Even after your divorce has been finalized in Massachusetts courts and child custody has been settled, that does not mean the arrangements agreed upon are set in stone. If you feel your co-parent and former spouse is not living up to the custody agreement, you may wish to deny them custody or visitation rights. But can you legally do that, or does your former partner have the right to see your child or children no matter what?

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