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How long do I have to notify about a slip and fall injury?

If you slip and fall on a snowy, icy sidewalk or other walkway maintained by either the Massachusetts municipality responsible for maintaining it or the property owner responsible for premises liability, you may suffer mild or serious personal injury. However, in order to pursue a claim against the municipality or person responsible for premises liability, is there a statute of limitations as far as how long you can wait to submit your claim?

Yes. According to, you have 30 days after a slip and fall to notify those responsible for any liability on their premises. Who you notify depends on if the sidewalk or walkway is on a public way or private property. However, your claim may not be considered if the walkway is considered otherwise reasonably convenient and safe for other travelers, even if it was not appropriately cleaned and cleared according to standards.

What defines "reasonably convenient and safe" may be vague, and you may be able to point out the issues that led to your slip and fall injury as not reasonable, convenient or safe. Liability in these cases is generally on the person or entity whose responsibility it is to keep the sidewalks and walkways appropriately clear for pedestrians or other travelers, but there are some exceptions in which certain entities are exempt from these requirements and thus exempt from liability.

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