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When does my divorce become official for tax filing?

As much as you may dread filing your taxes normally, after you have completed a divorce in Massachusetts court the idea of taxes becomes even more complicated by determining your filing status. If you were married at the end of the previous tax year but divorced now, how do you file? Do your changes in financial status such as alimony or child support payments affect your current filing?

According to, if you were still married at the end of the tax year you're filing for, then you still file as married even if that filing can be jointly or separately. Regardless of your situation at the time of filing, the tax filing itself is concerned with reporting and calculating income tax only up to the end of the previous tax year, before your marital status officially changed. You may also still file as married if you were granted a divorce judgment during the previous tax year, but it did not officially take effect until after the year ended.

This also means that you cannot deduct or count any child support or alimony payments disbursed or received as part of your tax filings. That information will be relevant at the end of the current tax year, at which point you would file as divorced/separated or single, as well as entering any information on child support, alimony, or division of assets. Keeping this in mind can avoid confusion with the IRS and a possible audit of your tax form.

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