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Is my company required to offer Workers' Comp?

The purpose of Massachusetts’ Workers’ Compensation program is to give injured workers a system for recovering lost wages and medical costs due to a work-related injury. Massachusetts state government requires all employers, with some exceptions, to provide this insurance for its workers, including themselves if they draw a salary. The mandate covers all employees, no matter how many hours you work, with two exceptions.

3 common causes of construction worker injuries

You work on a Massachusetts construction site, and nobody has to tell you that you have a dangerous job. Although you and your co-workers follow safety protocol, sometimes, accidents happen. We at Antonioni & Antonioni Law Office have often provided assistance to construction workers who have suffered serious injuries on the job.

Defining repetitive stress injuries

Under the Massachusetts Workers Compensation Act, employers are obligated to provide benefits and coverage for illnesses that happened in or because of the workplace, whether those injuries are temporary or lead to permanent disability. One such type of injury is repetitive stress injuries, in which accumulated strain over time can lead to permanent physical or mental damage to the worker. Repetitive stress injuries are also sometimes called repetitive strain injuries.

Are work injuries more common in December?

When it comes to the prevention of on the job accidents, there are a host of issues that workers and employers should keep in mind. From accident prevention and training programs to being mindful with particularly dangerous activities and identifying problem areas, preventing these mishaps is paramount. Moreover, it can be helpful to review additional factors that could increase the chances of an accident, such as the time of year. For example, you may be wondering if work injuries occur more often in December. In certain occupations, December and other winter months can be a particularly dangerous month.

Preventing repetitive stress injuries

Employees in Massachusetts who work in jobs in which the same task is performed over and over may notice recurring and/or continual pain, which is known as repetitive stress injury. While it is important employers take steps to prevent these types of injuries, workers should also be aware of the symptoms involved so they can make changes in their daily routines.

Potential causes of dispute in workers' compensation claims

The filing of workers' compensation claims has the potential to sour even a perfectly cordial professional relationship. Many of the disputes in Massachusetts regarding such claims arise when trust breaks down between the two parties. These suspicions are often compounded as medical costs rise, when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration begins an investigation or when the following factors come into the discussion:

What are some benefits workers' comp offers?

On a daily basis, people are hurt in many different workplace mishaps. Sometimes, a worker may sustain an injury while on a construction site, while other accidents involve repetitive strain and falling debris. Regardless of the field you are employed in, if you suffer an injury at work it is pivotal to go over your options at once. In Massachusetts, and all across the U.S., these injuries have upended many lives and can also make life challenging for the relatives of those who are hurt in a jobsite accident.

Types of OSHA violations

Employers in Massachusetts are required by law to follow certain procedures and regulations to keep their workers safe, and these are controlled by OSHA. There are a number of ways a company may violate these regulations, and there are strict penalties for doing so.

Do work injuries occur more often during summer months?

From the time of day to dangers that are associated with a particular industry, on the job injuries take place for many different reasons. In Leominster, and in other cities over all of Massachusetts, it is essential for those who work in all fields to recognize potential hazards that may be present and do what they can to stay safe. For example, the likelihood of an injury at work may be greater during certain times of the year.

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