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Pets and divorce in Massachussetts

Although many people consider their pets to be a part of their family, courts view pets as personal property, subject to division in a divorce just like any other asset. Pet owners may fiercely litigate regarding who will be awarded their pets, and courts across the country have come up with often conflicting rulings regarding them.

Why divorce can be costly

Divorces in Massachusetts could last months or even longer than a year while a couple tries to work out an arrangement for post-marital life. The process can also drag on when a couple must go to court for a judge to make determinations regarding child custody, alimony or property division. While dissolving a marriage can have high financial costs, there are ways to make divorce less expensive.

Considering taxes after divorce

Massachusetts spouses involved or interested in divorce may benefit from considering the different ways their taxes might be affected after the marriage is officially dissolved. Once parents are no longer married, there are several potential concerns that might need to be addressed before filing federal taxes.

When do alimony payments end after a divorce?

Alimony is one of the more important issues for couples going through a divorce. When a person is making monthly payments to their former spouse in order to support them economically, this is known under Massachusetts law as general term alimony. This is ongoing, as opposed to rehabilitative alimony, which is usually for a shorter period after which the recipient is expected to be able to generate their own income.

Financial pitfalls for Massachusetts couples filing for divorce

Child custody decisions are often cited as the most difficult part of a divorce. Massachusetts couples may find that financial matters could prove equally tricky. Gaining knowledge of the known pitfalls before filing for divorce may be useful. Couples may want to anticipate any eventualities that may occur after the divorce.

How to survive divorce in Massachusetts

Marriages and relationships take different paths. Some come to an end and then conversations about the division of assets, spousal support, child custody and child support begin. Life is complicated and so is divorce. For whatever reasons marriages come to an end in Massachusetts, individuals can seek guidance through the difficult process.

Family law mediation and resolution during divorce

Family feuds have no place in the joy and celebrations that take place during the holidays. Disputes between husband and wife or ex-spouses are unfortunate symptoms of divorce that take a toll on the children who are caught in between. Family law mediation may be the logical next step for Massachusetts couples faced with divorce and contentious disputes that have a ripple effect for family and loved ones.

Divorce mediation: achieving a positive outcome

Divorce litigation can be long-winded and complex. Family law disputes that are born from a divorce are in need of resolution to find agreements that will meet both parties' needs. Divorce mediation can help level the playing field and prepare for settlement, finding solutions and negotiating for the needs of both parties. Individuals who are considering or currently experiencing a divorce in Massachusetts can seek divorce mediation to achieve a positive outcome.

Family law mediation can help during the holiday season

After a divorce, deciding how to approach the holidays can become a source of anxiety. Making plans in advance to prevent misunderstandings and letting the children have a say in the holiday's dealings will probably cross one's mind, but knowing how to avoid conflict and start new traditions can still be challenging. Protecting oneself and reaching out for support during such time can be the difference between a happy and a horrible holiday season. Massachusetts' family law mediation may be the next step to ensure smooth processing during and after a divorce to keep a peace of mind throughout the holidays.

Support during a divorce for Massachusetts residents

Many people facing divorce need additional support through the emotional strain. There are several factors to consider when it comes to personal rights and financial security alone. If children are involved, the risk for divorce dispute is even greater. Massachusetts residents can find peace of mind and resolve complex legal issues in the event of divorce

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