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Divorce and remarriage affect Social Security benefits

For residents of Massachusetts and other parts of the country, divorce and remarriage can have an impact on their rights to their ex-spouse's Social Security benefits. The United States Social Security Administration allows ex-spouses to collect Social Security and survivor benefits only under certain conditions. They have to have been married for at least 10 years and must remain single to keep receiving spousal benefits.

Divorce and health care professionals

People in Massachusetts might be interested in a recently-published study that shows that doctors are less likely to divorce than are other workers both in the health care industry and in other professions. This result may be somewhat surprising to some, given the stereotype long held by many that a doctor's long hours and associated work stress would lead to a higher rate of divorce.

Why divorce can be costly

Divorces in Massachusetts could last months or even longer than a year while a couple tries to work out an arrangement for post-marital life. The process can also drag on when a couple must go to court for a judge to make determinations regarding child custody, alimony or property division. While dissolving a marriage can have high financial costs, there are ways to make divorce less expensive.

What steps do I take to get a divorce in Massachusetts?

Spouses who would like to get a divorce may be unsure about what the basic legal steps are. To begin, both parties must be legal residents of Massachusetts in order to get a divorce there. As long as that requirement is met, a spouse may file a petition for divorce citing fault or no-fault grounds.

Divorcing couples may benefit from a forensic accountant

Massachusetts individuals undertaking a high-asset divorce may benefit from having a forensic accountant on their legal team. The most common legal issues revolve around property division and debts, and a forensic accountant could help in ensuring that assets are properly valued and that the property division process runs smoothly.

The importance of staying calm during family law litigation

Even for those who have the most amicable divorce, it is generally considered an undesirable experience. Emotions are almost always extremely high during family law litigation. Unfortunately, when emotions are high, individuals may have their judgment clouded and can often forget to consider their best interests and the stability of their future. In many cases, extreme emotions can lead to poor decisions by one or both Massachusetts spouses during a divorce.

How to survive divorce in Massachusetts

Marriages and relationships take different paths. Some come to an end and then conversations about the division of assets, spousal support, child custody and child support begin. Life is complicated and so is divorce. For whatever reasons marriages come to an end in Massachusetts, individuals can seek guidance through the difficult process.

Why many older spouses opt for divorce

The rising rates of divorce among older Americans has made headlines in Massachusetts and across the nation. More and more couples are taking stock of their lives as they near or enter retirement, and many find that they are not happy with the status quo. As a result, many older spouses find themselves facing divorce, at an age at which financial losses can mean serious hardship. For these couples, proper divorce planning is a crucial part of ending a marriage.

How to get a mortgage after a Massachusetts divorce

The process of ending a marriage can be complicated. There are a multitude of decisions to make and issues to address, and many Massachusetts spouses emerge from the process feeling certain that there important items that may have been missed. When it is time to purchase a new home, one's divorce settlement could greatly impact their ability to secure a new mortgage. The following advice is offered to all Massachusetts spouses who are considering divorce.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette officially divorced

Sometimes, a married couple will decide to get a divorce. Many different reasons can be behind a couple's decision to seek a divorce. Whatever the reason for a divorce, a divorce can involve many important issues. How such issues are resolved can be very impactful on the involved parties.

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