Skilled Estate Planning Lawyers

Creating an estate plan involves making important decisions to minimize tax consequences and preserve your assets for your beneficiaries. Whether you need to create an estate plan or you need to modify an existing estate plan, you need an experienced attorney who can explain your options and counsel you regarding the decisions that serve your interests — now and in the future.

Massachusetts Wills and Trusts Attorneys

Antonioni & Antonioni Law Office has extensive experience helping individuals and families create lasting and legally effective estate plans. We also provide legal representation during matters of estate administration and probate.

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Protecting Your Rights and Assets

Our estate planning lawyers have the experience and knowledge to foresee and avoid potential future issues, including loss of government benefits due to monetary gifts. We will review your assets and income, and help you make appropriate planning decisions that secure your own wealth, minimize tax consequences and protect your financial interests. Our legal team will take the time to understand your unique circumstances and objectives to ensure we create the plan that fits for you and your circumstances.

Our firm has extensive experience in handling estate issues such as:

  • Creation of wills and trusts
  • Establishing guardianships
  • Handling cases of undue influence and will contests
  • Creation of health care proxies
  • Drafting a power of attorney
  • Minimizing tax obligations
  • Estate planning after divorce

Leominster Wills and Estate Settlements Lawyers

Securing Your Rights to the Estate and Property of a Loved One

One of the most difficult tasks imaginable is to confront the complex legal and practical issues involving the probate and settlement of an estate of a recently deceased loved one. There are numerous time-consuming and emotional tasks to undertake in resolving the estate of someone recently deceased. The payment of outstanding bills, the location of numerous bank accounts and life insurance policies, understanding a recently discovered will or amendment to a will, and the prospect of appearing in probate court to secure interests in real and personal property can be exhausting to consider.

Each of our four attorneys have considerable experience in resolving the complex and emotional estate issues which often accompany the death of a loved one. Clients are sometimes relieved to learn after consulting with us that no formal probate of the estate of a loved one is required, and that only the routine filing of certain documents will be necessary to resolve these estates. And, in situations where more formal and time-consuming court involvement is necessary, our attorneys can handle the legal steps necessary to ensure that the estate is settled in a professional, timely and appropriate manner.

Each one of our attorneys has appeared before the probate and family court, where the probate of wills and estates of persons are determined. Our attorneys are known and respected by the judges who settle these estates, and the area attorneys who practice in this area. This familiarity with the court environment where cases of this sort are resolved is invaluable to our clients.

Attorney Robert A. Antonioni has probated many cases involving both wills and estates without a will (known as the administration of an estate). He has provided his clients with a steady presence and practical advice in these important and often emotional situations. He has also represented clients in estate disputes involving contentious disputes between family members and relatives of the deceased, and has represented family members who are being pursued by creditors of the deceased. In all of these cases, attorney Robert A. Antonioni and our other attorneys can provide quick and competent advice and representation to settle the estate issues after the death of a loved one.

Security for the Estate of Your Loved One Is Our Priority

As attorneys, we are dedicated to client accessibility so we can promptly answer questions, address legal issues and effectively achieve results. We provide honest evaluations, and we offer a streamlined estate planning process that allows you to accomplish your planning objectives, while minimizing time and costs to your family.

After the death of a loved one, contact us to schedule a free and confidential estate evaluation with one of our attorneys. You are under no obligation to retain our services.